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Oral Surgery Specialist

Jane Yang Dental, P.C.

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Despite our best efforts sometimes oral surgery is necessary. Wisdom teeth may need to be extracted or getting a dental implant may be necessary for optimal dental health. Jane Yang, DDS, and her caring team at Jane Yang Dental P.C. guides you through the process of your oral surgery and postoperative treatment. Call one of the offices in Chinatown or Brooklyn, New York, or book your appointment online.

Oral Surgery Q & A

Why would I need oral surgery?

Wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants are two of the most common types of oral surgery procedures. The dental conditions leading to oral surgeries include impacted teeth and tooth loss.


Impacted teeth

Wisdom teeth, and sometimes cuspids and the bicuspids, are susceptible to becoming impacted. When a tooth is improperly aligned or doesn’t fully break through the gum line and stalls in a limbo state between the jawbone and gum tissue, it’s known as an impacted tooth. Pain, swelling, and an infection can develop, as can permanent damage to healthy nearby teeth, bone, and gums. In such instances, extraction is necessary.

Tooth loss

People who’ve lost a tooth due to an injury or infection seek an alternative to dentures or dental bridge often turn to dental implants. Dental implants are surgically-placed, permanent, artificial teeth.


How do I prepare for oral surgery?

Dr. Yang provides you with specific instructions prior to your surgery, not only for best outcomes, but also for your comfort. Keep the following things in mind for your oral surgery.

Arrive early

Arriving 15-20 minutes early can provide time to complete any last-minute paperwork or to ask Dr. Yang any questions before the procedure.


What should I expect when I get my wisdom teeth extracted?

The procedure typically takes about 45 minutes.

Once the tooth is extracted Dr. Yang gives you a gauze pad to bite down on to stop the bleeding. If your gum was cut, she stitches up the wound. Before you leave, you’ll be given a pain medication or prescription along with instructions for postoperative care.

Dr. Yang and the well-trained team at Jane Yang Dental P.C. have been helping families with their oral surgery needs for many years. Call one of the offices today or book your appointment online.