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Testimonials & Reviews


Jane Yang Dental, P.C.

General & Cosmetic Dentistry & Dental Implant Specialists located in Chinatown, New York, NY & Brooklyn, NY

502 total reviews

Jane Yang Dental, P.C. always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 502 reviews with an average rating of 4.84 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Jane Yang Dental, P.C. below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Yanping Z.
Submitted 01/08/22
Thank you for the time and effort you have spent making my teeth. I am very grateful that met with you.
Mikki C.
Submitted 01/07/22
Submitted 01/03/22
Winni L.
Submitted 12/31/21
Great Experience
Nanya Z.
Submitted 12/31/21
Dr Ho is very nice and professional.
Justin G.
Submitted 12/30/21
Dr.Kenneth Ho is very nice.
Kien Leong C.
Submitted 12/29/21
Meiqian W.
Submitted 12/27/21
Dr ho so good ,he’s very experience to take out my bad teeth.
Samuel C.
Submitted 12/27/21
Dr. Ho is a very police, friendly and skillful dentist. He explains patiently and clearly of what needs to watch out after the filling is done and the services is quick and painless. I would recommend him to everyone that I know.
Vivian F.
Submitted 12/21/21
Dr. Ho is very polite and patient. He tried to understand my problem and explained well to me what he can do for me and solved my problem. He is almost the best dentist l have ever met. Thank you so much Dr. Ho.
Jiawei Z.
Submitted 12/21/21
Dr. Ho has excellent skills and a great sense of humor! I'm relaxed and felt almost nothing during the time I have my tooth filled. The process was fast and Dr. Ho made it looks really easy.
Yan D. L.
Submitted 12/17/21
Dr. Ho is great! He’s very professional and a kind person. I had my wisdom teeth taken out by him and it was a very professional experience, and I also had teeth cleaning done by him, he is really attentive and he provides the best help! I’m recommending Dr. Ho to my family and friends.
May A.
Submitted 12/12/21
Dr.Ho is very polite, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Teeth cleaning and annual checkups went smoothly and painless. I would recommend to friends and family.
Helen L.
Submitted 12/10/21
我和杨医生有过最美妙的经历。 在做植牙手术前,我一直在与疼痛作斗争,不可想像她会将钉子植入牙银里的疼痛状况,和不断娇正植入牙齿后的不适,但杨医生的手术技术确保我在整个过程中都没有任何感觉,并根据我的情况接受了最有效的一次植入物。 之后我甚至不必使用任何止痛药,感觉就是我的原生的牙齿。她将她的学识,和多年行医的经验开创了三个牙齿在位置定位的常规中错开一点,形成平面受力,但是植体方向依然平行,让植入的牙齿像原生的牙齿一样保持上下和左右牙齿的协调和平衡。与杨医生一起,您将得到最安全和最好的帮助。在此带上我深深地敬佩和谢意![Rose][Rose]
Helen L.
Submitted 12/10/21
Dr. Yang and I have had the most wonderful experience. Before the implant surgery, I had been struggling with pain It’s hard to imagine that she would have the pain of inserting the nail into the dental silver, and the discomfort of constant correction after the implant, but Dr. Yang’s surgical technique ensured that I did not have any feelings during the whole process, and accepted the most according to my situation. Effective implants. After that, I didn't even use any painkillers, it felt like my original teeth. She combined her knowledge and years of medical experience to create three teeth staggered in the positioning procedure to form a plane force, but the direction of the implant is still parallel, so that the implant can be held up and down like the original tooth. Coordination and balance of left and right teeth. Together with Dr. Yang, you will get the safest and best help. Here, I expressed my deep admiration and gratitude.[Rose][Rose]
Vicky Z.
Submitted 12/07/21
Dr. Ho is great! He has been cleaning my teeth for the last few years .. he’s professional and friendly!
Steven W.
Submitted 12/07/21
Got a cleaning done with Dr. Ho and everything was great. He was polite and professional and I felt no pain during my cleaning. I would recommend to friends and family.
Liqi Z.
Submitted 11/30/21
何醫生的態度真的非常好 很溫柔的語氣 非常愉悅的一次看牙過程
Ting C.
Submitted 11/30/21
The doctor is very professional and patient
Submitted 11/28/21

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